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About Lisa M. Cini

lisac.pngHi! I’m Lisa Cini. For the past 25 years I’ve been designing assisted living facilities from my award-winning design firm in Columbus, OH, Mosaic Design Studio. I’m also an author and speaker on the subjects of design, aging and technology for senior living and was featured on Today in America with host Terry Bradshaw for my expertise in senior living design. More importantly, I’m a wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter to a huge and loving extended family. It’s because of my desire to honor all of my family, both the ones still here and those who’ve left us, that I do this work I love so much. My mission is simple – to improve the quality of life through design. The places we live aren’t about the beautiful furnishings we put into them or the high-end design aesthetic my professional eye loves to create. It’s about creating a home where great memories are formed through comfort, company and conversation. Right now in the US there are 46.2 million seniors aged 65 and over. And by 2060 that number is going to double! In my business we create beautiful, warm and inviting assisted living homes for seniors. Yet 80% of our seniors don’t live in any of those facilities, and the majority of them don’t wish to. Others simply don’t have the financial means to. So you can see, the need for solutions for families about where and how our aging parents and grandparents should live is huge, and that need will only increase.

Our Multigenerational Family

When my 92-year old grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, we knew we had to find some solutions to the coming problems her diagnosis might create. We could have moved her into an excellent care setting, but it would make seeing her much more difficult. My grandmother didn’t want to be a burden. But I knew as a family we could find a way to keep her safe, loved and with us at the same time. That’s why my family decided to engage in a big social experiment. We now have 4 generations living together, mostly harmoniously, under one roof! You’ll get to learn more about how we did that in my latest book “Hive”. But as we worked our way through the challenges we faced in designing a home that would meet all of our needs, we found so many great solutions and tools along the way. Some of them are hi-tech, and others are much simpler. That’s part of what this blog and our web site will be about – sharing our experiences and what we’ve learned in our journey so that others can benefit from them too.

You can order my book Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living - How our Family makes it Work, here.

When it comes to deciding where and how our elderly parents and grandparents decide to live, every family needs to do what is best for them. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer. When our family decided to all move in together, I knew it would have challenges to overcome. Our recipe for success didn’t come together like some elaborate 5-course dinner. It’s been more like a custom make-your-own pizza. Pick what works for you and leave the rest off. So take a look at the products we’ve got on our web site at BestLivingTech.com. We’ve assembled a variety of items to help seniors and families keep their independence as well as remain safe; encourage their overall health and mobility as well as maintain their personal dignity. And we know you’ll love them, because we’ve personally road-tested them! We’ll be adding more all the time, so be sure you sign up for our newsletter – we’ve got so many great partners and even some exclusive deals for you as well! We’ll fill our blog here with helpful tools, resources and ideas to find the right solutions for your family’s needs. Whatever your struggles – you are not alone. Stay tuned for more articles and information and all the latest trends in technology to Live Your Best Life! From all of us at BestLivingTech.com - Embrace Living, Lisa M. Cini Founder of Best Living Tech, LLC

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