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FAQ's of Coco Bidet

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and the answers you need.

Can I install the COCO bidet myself?

Yes, The COCO bidet was designed so that anyone can easily install it. The COCO comes with all of the necessary tools and easy to read instructions. (Check out our installation video below)

Why should I use the COCO bidet vs other bidets?

We believe that COCO Bidets have the Best Design, the Most Features, Greatest Comfort, and the Newest Technology all at Unbeatable Prices. The COCO bidet is made of the highest quality products. The COCO bidet was also designed with style in mind. The design of the COCO bidet helps improves the aesthetics of any bathroom. The COCO bidet truly is a work of art.

Can my children use the COCO bidet?

Definitely! The COCO bidet is a great way to assist children who are potty training. We do however advise that the child be supervised.

Will the COCO fit my toilet?

Toilet seats come in two sizes: elongated and round. The 9500R will fit ALL 2-piece toilets. However, if you have a 1-piece toilet (for guidelines see here) we suggest you contact us with your toilet make and model before ordering. You can fill out this helpful form and submit it to us here.

How do I clean the COCO?

The wands of the COCO bidet are self cleaning. The manufacture recommends that they be cleaned with a soft brush when needed.  The exterior should be cleaned with a damp sponge.  Do not use harsh cleaning agents.  The COCO bidet is made of a special germ resistant plastic.

Does the COCO Bidet require an electrical outlet?

The electrical bidets need a three prong GFCI grounded outlet. 

You mention that is comes with 2 filters. How often do they need to be changed?

The filters should be changed every 3-4 months.  To purchase additional filters, please click here.

Does the COCO Bidet come with a warranty?

Yes. The 9500R COCO bidet comes with a limited three-year warranty. With proper usage, the COCO will provide many years of reliable use.  Owners should read and follow all of the safety precautions accompanied with the COCO Bidet.

What is the Return Policy?

Please note we have a strict No Retrun Policy due to the nature of the items.

Are there other colors to choose from?

The color is bright white.

Can the remote be mounted on a wall, or be hand-held?

Yes, you can use it mounted on the right side of the toilet or mount it on a wall or use by hand.


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