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Nuheara IQbuds Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nuheara IQbuds a certified hearing protection device?

Nuheara IQbuds™ will not be a certified hearing protection device and should not be used to protect your ears from toxic noise or to protect you from noise induced hearing loss in places such as shooting ranges.

Are Nuheara IQbuds a hearing aid?

While Nuheara IQbudsTM are not a hearing aid nor a medical device, customer feedback has demonstrated that IQbuds help you hear speech much better in noisy environments.  IQbudsTM are intelligent earbuds with part of the functionality that is typically described as Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) that also has Bluetooth capabilities to allow you to connect to smart devices for phone calls and audio streaming.

Are Nuheara IQbuds designed to treat hearing loss?

Nuheara IQbudsTM are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or mitigate disease. It is not intended as an aid for a person with a persistent hearing impairment or who are experiencing the following medical conditions:

• Conductive hearing loss
• Asymmetric hearing loss
• Ear Pain
• Ear Drainage
• Sudden hearing loss
• Dizziness
• Tinnitus

Will Nuheara IQbuds help me hear voices better in challenging social environments?

Nuheara IQbudsTM will enable you to boost your hearing in challenging social environments. The use of digital signal processing and external microphones will in most cases allow you to augment your ability to hear conversations in these environments.

Will Nuheara IQbuds fit in my ears?

We have designed Nuheara IQbudsTM to fit in a broad range of ear sizes. We will also offer eight different silicone tips from XS to XL in round and oval shapes. Getting both the best fit and best seal are important for audio quality, so we encourage you to try all the different tip sizes and shapes to find the one that is best for your ears.  Of course, every ear is different so we cannot guarantee that they will fit all ears.

Can you adjust the volume on each ear independently?

Yes, Nuheara IQbuds™ will allow you to adjust your settings for each ear.

What’s the size of the Nuheara IQbuda and the carrying/charging case?

IQbudsTM Dimensions*: 29mm x 21.5mm x17mm
Charging/Carrying Case Dimensions*: 94mm long x 45mm wide x 31mm thick
*Dimensions may be revised in current versions

 How do I charge the Nuheara IQbuds?

Nuheara IQbudsTM will be charged through the charging/carrying case provided. For first time charging out of the box, place the earbuds in the charging case, close the lid and plug the case in with the USB cable that was included in your package. Let case and earbuds charge for 4 hours or until all the lights are green on the inside and outside of the case.

The charging case is currently designed to hold an additional 3 full  charges (approx. 12 hours of on-the-go full Bluetooth streaming and up to 32 hours of Hearing Processing).

For more information, please review the Quick Start Guide that came in your package or visit nuheara.com/support.

What is the warranty on Nuheara IQbuds and what does it cover?

Nuheara IQbudsTM come with a 1-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects under normal use conditions. Read the Full Warranty here.

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