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The Perfect Gift for your Parents for under $100...

Let’s face it – sometimes it pays to be practical. Everyone ages and if you want to get something that makes life a little easier for your mom or dad, then it’s likely to get used, and they’ll appreciate how much you care.

We’ve got great gifts that will help mom and dad stay active and moving, as well as helpful items they use every day.

mobilitygraphic300.jpgKeep Moving

The Balance Gym is a Digital Course created by ZHealth, one of the most innovative neuroscience and athletic training company’s around. Reducing the risk of falls in seniors is critical, and this program improves muscle tone, posture and stability. Comes either as a download or with physical DVD’s. Order it Here. $77.00-$97.00.

The iHealth Wave is a fitness monitor that’s easy to use and works with any smartphone or tablet. But that’s not all, it also tracks your calories burned, let’s you create personalized alerts and even lets you see the quality of your sleep. 

Buy Now for $79.95 directly from iHealth.

cloxphone.jpgImprove Everyday Living

Pre-porgram this Picture Care Phone for your mom or dad, and they’ll be able to clearly see who they’re calling on their landline. There are tons of options on how to use this phone, and it’s only $59.95. See all the details HERE.


The DayClox 5-Cycle Day Clock helps seniors clearly see on their own what time of day or night it is. No more asking, “what day is it again?” since this clock tells them everything at once in large, easy to read digital display. It’s a great investment for $99.00, HERE.


See How One Family Makes it Work

Order the book Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living, and read a touching story of hope, heartache and heroism as one family combines 4 generations all under one roof! Even if you’re certain that you could NEVER live with your parents, there’s something here for every family who has aging loved ones. Learn more, and get your copy today!

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