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The Perfect Gift for your Parents is:

The best thing about technology is the wide varieties of products that have been created to help solve home living woes while ensuring health and well-being. For your parents, this means a bigger opportunity to prove their capable of keeping their independence and defying personal issues - regardless if they're physical, mental or emotional in nature.

Thinking of the best way to show your love and commitment to your parents? Check out this lineup of useful and innovative items that cater to those who believe that health and wellness should be everyone’s ultimate goal.

9500r250.jpgEnjoy Life’s Luxury While Seated

Yes, we really are recommending a toilet seat! The Coco Bidet 9500R Toilet Seat is a revolutionary toilet seat that comes with a remote control personal wash, heated seat and a customizable settings to wash and even comfortably blow-dry your nether-regions. All you have to do is sit down, press a button, and you’re done! Inspired by the same technology that’s been raved about in Japan for years, this toilet seat is now ready to conquer every home in the U.S. and is destined to become the most popular seat in the house! With the Coco Bidet 9500R Toilet Seat, you’ll never have to worry about empty toilet paper rolls again! Priced at $389 you can learn more here.

Easy Products to Help with Dementia

If one of your parents has memory problems, The Dementia Care Kit contains carefully selected products that are helpful in improving both their quality of life, as well as your peace of mind. Each kit contains the DayClox, Stove Safety from FireAvert, and Joy For All Companion Cat. Order it here for $299.95.Here’s all the details:

  1. The DayClox 5-Cycle Day Clock helps seniors clearly see on their own what time of day or night it is. No more asking, “what day is it again?” since this clock tells them everything at once in large, easy to read digital display.
  2. The Stove Safety From FireAvert is an easy-to-install innovative device that protects your home from stove fires. With FireAvert, you’ll never have to worry again about food being left unattended and causing a fire. Most of all, you gain peace of mind knowing that your home has an added safety feature that can also save lives.
  3. The Joy For All Companion Cat – Orange Tabby is a companion pet that’s not only cute but is also a way for someone with dementia to gain love, joy, fun and friendship. With its unique ability of making cat-like gestures such as purring and meowing, the Joy For All Companion Cat is the ultimate house pet that can make every pet lover truly enjoy companionship and feel selfless love.

Always Be Mesmerized

The See More Clearly Kit has useful and innovative items that are designed to help those who are suffering from poor visual abilities. These include the Better Vision Floor Lamp, Picture Care Phone, Night Light Surface Tray, and DayClox Digital Calendar Day Clock. Order the Kit for $399.95. Details on all of these items here:

  1. The Better Vision Floor Lamp is specially designed to bring the detail and clarity of natural daylight inside the house. People who are suffering from vision impairment can see more clearly with the OttLite’s special Illumination technology. It also helps in reducing eyestrain, seeing clearer details of visual objects, viewing colors accurately and illuminating large areas by providing extended shade.
  2. The Picture Care Phone is a uniquely designed phone with ten large memory picture buttons. Need to call a loved one? Simply find his photo on a button and press it to make a call. With the Picture Care Phone, calling a loved one has never been easier.
  3. The Night Light Surface Tray is an extra large night light surface tablet that can be used as a bedside night-light or a bedroom accessory with its gentle lighting feature. It’s best for seniors who may be suffering from visual impairment, Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other forms of memory loss and need to have an easier way to find their personal belongings.
  4. The DayClox Digital Calendar Day Clock is built with the clearest and easiest to read display. It’s the perfect clock for seniors, visually impaired, or those suffering from Macular Degeneration.

nuheara-250.jpgGet Hearing Superpower

The Intelligent Hearing with Nuheara IQbuds will enhance your ability to hear speech in places such as crowded restaurants, parties or at work. Built with Nuheara’s innovative Super Intelligent Voice Cancellation technology, you can easily choose when you want to tune in or tune out the world. Use it with a downloadable app that’s available for free in both iOS and Android devices. Learn more and Order Here for $299.99.

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