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The Perfect GIFT for your Parents...

It’s a great feeling knowing that our parents are safe and are able to move independently. We all want our homes to be the safest place on earth and we all desire to show our love and care to our family whether we live far away or just down the street.

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your mom and dad feel that you always think about their well-being, we’ve got special gifts and unique items to help.

joycat250.jpgGive The Feeling Of Joy And Safety

The Joy For All Companion Pet Cats are the perfect home companions for people of all ages. Designed with realistic fur and sensors, it easily responds to petting and does a number of cat-like actions such as purring and meowing. Whether you cuddle it, baby talk to it, or however you want to take care of it, a companion pet will definitely bring comfort, unique companionship, and genuine fun for your elderly loved ones. Select a cat for $99.99 OR they also have a Dog for $119.99. See the entire selection HERE.

fireavert-250.jpgThe Stove Safety from FireAvert is an innovative device that gives every home the most effective protection it needs from stove fires. Installing takes barely 10 minutes and no tools or professional skills are even required. With Stove Safety, your stove can easily react to smoke alarm sounds caused by food left unattended and then turn itself off, like magic! Keep your home safe from stove fires every day and get it here for only $149.95.

Stay Fit And Strong

Help your parents set easy-to-achieve fitness goals with the help of the iHealth Fitness Bundle. This awesome fitness pair, the iHealth Core Smart Scale and the iHealth Wave Fitness and Sleep Tracker, is the ultimate solution to anyone’s health and fitness needs. Order it here for $179.99.

fitness-bundle-200.jpgThe iHealth Core Smart Scale provides a whole picture to help make better decisions on lifestyle habits. It measures weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI) and more! The more we understand our body, the better we know how we can take care of it. Start from setting a goal and let the iHealth Core Smart Scale help you succeed!

The iHealth Wave is more than just a fitness tracker. With its stylish and sleek design, it tracks your calories burned, distance traveled, and the quality of your sleep. It even comes with matching bands as well as a comfort wristband for easy wear while you are asleep. Check your progress and results immediately through the device’s screen. Pair it with the FREE iHealth mobile health app for simultaneous tracking.

standup-walker-175.jpgThe Urise Stand Up Walker is a specially designed walker that helps the user to have assisted mobility whether while walking or while rising from a seated position. It’s built with easy-to-use levers for lowering the walker to assist in standing while an automatic locking system locks the walker into place when lifted. Use this innovative 2-in-1 stand assist plus mobility walker while recovering from ankle, knee, hip, or back surgery. Easily regain independence and keep your mobile self as active as you want to be. Click here to order for only $249.00.

Hear Your Favorite TV Show - Without Disturbing Others...

soundbox200.jpgThe TV Soundbox is a wireless TV speaker that allows any TV buff to enjoy TV sound whenever and wherever possible. It easily connects to your TV using a headphone jack or red and white audio output jacks that come with a cable. Since it’s wireless and is designed with an easy-to-hold handle, you can place it beside your chair or take it with you in another room. It also comes with a volume knob that works independently from the volume knob of your TV. With the TV Soundbox, you gain better control of the sound and appreciate your TV viewing more than before. Get it here for only $139.95.

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