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The Perfect Gift for your Parents is...

Looking for unique gift ideas for your parents they will actually use? These innovative gift ideas  are designed for anyone who wants a healthier and safer way of living.

We’ve gathered the perfect gift items for mom and dad so you don’t have to search any further!

Have A Worry-Free Home

iguardactivity250.jpgThe Intelligent Stove Safety from iGuard Stove is a device that turns any stove into a safe and smart stove that uses innovative motion sensing technology for automatic shut off capability. It can “feel” whether you have left the kitchen area or you have returned to resume your cooking. Built with a timer that can be set between 1 and 15 minutes, the device will automatically shut off the stove depending on your presence or absence in the kitchen. It’s the perfect companion for anyone who loves to cook but worries about being forgetful while in the process of preparing dishes. Comes in two versions, for either Gas or Electric stoves:

IGuard Stove – Intelligent Stove Safety: Electric for $495.99
IGuard Stove – Intelligent Stove Safety: Gas for $599.99

Energize Your Body

lifeshield250.jpgThe LifeShield Laser is designed with breakthrough technology that aids in relieving body pain and promoting overall health. It’s a compact device that has been programmed with over 2200 positive bio-resonate frequencies which, when transmitted through water, provides anyone an effective blend of body balancing frequencies. Give it a try and enjoy the wonderful benefits of having a stronger and healthier body. Learn more here, for $650.00.

Enhance Your Hearing

The Hear More Clearly Kit is one of the most practical and useful solutions to anyone who’s suffering from hearing loss. The kit contains top of the line items such as the Clarity Phone, the Soundbox Wireless Speaker, and the SafeAwake. Order the Hear More Clearly Kit for only $499.95. Details on all that's included are: 

  1. The new and improved Clarity Phone is designed with up to 50db of amplification and an extra large dial pad. What you get is an amplified incoming sound that uses Digital Clarity Power. Built with programmable speed dial buttons, you can also dial a number easily by simply speaking out loud the person’s name.
  2. The Soundbox Wireless Speaker allows you to enjoy stereo TV sound wherever and however you want in the house. Its handy size makes it a great cordless speaker to bring anywhere such as the patio, the backyard or the garage! It even has a volume knob that you can adjust so you’ll never miss anything from your favorite TV program or music - and, you won't disturb others, either!
  3. The SafeAwake is a unique device that’s designed to act like an intermittent bed shaker in case of an emergency such as fire. It’s proven to be more effective compared to standard alarms as it works not only as a bed shaker but also as audible alarm and flashing light. It provides essential protection to people who are deaf and are suffering from hearing loss.

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